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Service Offering


1. For Tech Sales Teams 
Enterprise Sales Improvement Package

How you will transform:

  • Master mid-funnel strategies to progress enterprise deals.

  • Craft business cases that engage top stakeholders.

  • Equip teams with PPT/slide presentation best practices  

How it works:

Discover: We'll host a call to discover your team's needs and identify intended outcomes

Design: Receive a tailored workshop sprint agenda based on the discovery call  

Elevate: Enhance your team's capabilities with three tailored workshop sprints

Consult: Solidify your team's new capabilities with 1-3 Months of Continuous Support 





The Details:

We will work together into understanding your current team's enterprise business, processes, and methodologies.


This foundational session guides the customization of the workshop sprints, ensuring they align with and empower your team's specific needs. Based on the discovery call, we will propose an agenda for the Three Workshop Sprints.


The call will last 1-2 hours. 


2. For Tech Sales Individuals

Bi-Monthly Enterprise Sales Mastery Workshops

Elevate your individual enterprise sales prowess with our exclusive week-long workshops, designed specifically for tech sales professionals. 

​How it Works:

  • This week-long session focuses on the essentials of creating strong business cases and delivering impactful executive sales presentations.

  • Over three classes, you'll learn a standardized process backed by practical methodologies tailored for the executive sales landscape.

  • Engage in hands-on exercises and collaborative discussions to ensure a solid grasp of the material.

The Details:

Unlocking the Executive Buying Committee

Discover the pivotal shifts in the enterprise sales landscape, understanding why modern sales professionals must evolve to stay ahead.


This session equips attendees with:

  • Dive into the narrative of the evolving enterprise sales landscape and the current market trends

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise sales process, with a focus on navigating the mid-funnel.

  • Familiarize yourself with the makeup and dynamics of executive buying committees, setting the stage for crafting compelling business cases.

3. For Tech Sales Founders

Founder's Focus Package

Enjoy a unique blend of a 3-hour intensive workshop coupled with tailored individual consulting.


This package is crafted to address the nuanced challenges founders face, ensuring they lead their teams effectively and close deals that matter.


​How it Works:

•    One Discovery Session
•    3-hour executive sales deep dive workshop 
•    Additional individual consulting sessions (Optional)

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