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We are your enterprise deal experts

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Increase win rate

We help B2B sales leaders and technical founders strategically engage buying committees to win enterprise deals.

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Increase deal size 

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Increase deal velocity

We are now in an Enterprise Sales Gauntlet 

The landscape of SaaS enterprise sales has transformed post-pandemic:

Sales cycle extended to ~24m
Close rates down from 30% to 22%
Increase of 7 to 9 descision makers

Time-Intensive Sales:  Every extra day your sales cycle extends, you're incurring hidden costs and missed opportunities.

Winning Odds: The need to make every enterprise pitch count has never been greater and improving these odds even slightly can mean a significant revenue increase.

Complex Decision Landscapes: Aligning with every decision-maker's agenda is crucial in today's market, where even a single stakeholder's disagreement can jeopardize the entire deal

Methodologies like BANT and MEDDIC are losing their effectiveness in this evolved market

Recognizing this shift, Bridge City Advisory has pioneered a new approach:

The Executive Business Case Strategy:

With a deep understanding of the complex business ecosystems, our approachaligns your SaaS offerings directly with the executive agenda through a compelling narrative.

The Executives Business Case Strategy is built on: 

  • Structured Assessment: Utilize proven consulting frameworks to identify your target clients core problem

  • Strategic Alignment: Connect your solutions with the strategic objectives and outcomes of your client’s business.

  • Persuasive Business Cases: Craft compelling arguments and presentations that resonate with the buying committee

Our strategy goes beyond conventional tactics, empowering sales professionals to master the language of a buying committee and close large enterprise deals. 

Bridge City Advisory equips sales professionals with the skills, tools, and strategic acumen necessary to close deals in this new enterprise sales environment.

How We Help



Identify areas of opportunity by understanding your existing enterprise sales landscape and approaches.



Craft a custom action plan based on your unique needs and objectives.



Empower your team with executive sales methodologies and frameworks through immersive workshops and guidance.



Provide direct support to ensure the strategies and processes are effectively implemented and sustained.

Problems We Solve



Are you a sales team or founder looking to sell at the executive level and enterprise level?


Engagement Challenges:

Are you struggling to resonate with executive buying committees, despite having a solid product or service?

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Closing Complex Deals:

Do large deals often seem within reach, only to fall through in the final stages?


Inconsistent Strategy:

Do you find that your sales approaches vary widely without a repeatable, proven methodology to rely on?


Content Misalignment:

Are your current content strategies failing to generate interest or action from executive decision-makers?

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Why are we the trusted choice? 

With experience as sales executives and management consultants, our team has sat on both sides of the table. 

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Our blend of experiences equips us to guide you effectively in executive-level presentations:

  • Decision-making process: We understand how top-level decisions are made, having been part of those pivotal discussions.

  • Direct Insight: We know what executives look for in a tech presentation, having seen what succeeds and what doesn’t 

  • Presentation Acumen: We've honed the craft of delivering compelling executive presentations.

Guided the closure of $50 million in enterprise technology sales

Our Clients

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